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Request tracking is built in to each module of the Egistix Suite of products.  It aims to provide a forum for Egistix customers to document their wish list, to identify any areas where they feel changes should be made, as well as capturing scenarios where the software is not working as expected.  The request tracking system manages this communication between the Egistix Support team and our clients. 

Requests can be logged automatically from the Egistix Application or Manually at [] when the user is logged in.  

===Automated Request Tracker===
The Automated Request Tracker assists users in logging their request by capturing information from the users current location within Egistix Suite of applications.  It then leads the user through a number of questions that are required in order to provide the Egistix Support team with information necessary to respond to the request.  

===[[Manual Request Tracker]]===
The Manual Request Tracker is available for any client who chooses to disable the Automated Request Tracker.  It provides Egistix with the same information as the Automated Version, however the client is required to select and attach each piece of this information.</rev>
      <page pageid="971" ns="0" title="Site Map">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">The site map is a navigation [ widget] or tool used provided in the Egistix system to provide quick access to most functions. The site map is added to the Egistix desktop by selecting &quot;Site Map&quot; from the &quot;Add To Dashboard&quot; list. The site map is structured with a hierarchical tree of categories. Each category can be expanded to show options which can be selected.</rev>